.....Seattle artist Shelli Markee's work is highly influenced by nature, and by such artists as the highly acclaimed sculptor, Alexander Calder. Her work reflects the beauty she recognizes in organic forms---which are both contemporary and rustic at once---with incredible three-dimensional detail and depth. Last year, Shelli had the honor of being invited to demonstrate the creation of wire sculptures at the Seattle Art Museum's opening of the Alexander Calder exhibit. Her pieces are currently being sold in many stores around Seattle, as well as other cities across the country.

Here's what folks are saying:

"I have watched the birds forming themselves from Shelli's pliers. Each one emerges as the unique work of art that it is. I watch my flock fly across the ceiling each day...newly impressed with the organic quality and the sense of motion...the birds in flight..that it is..." ---Deb Lantz

"Free, fun, flowing, flying forms. To encounter a flock of birds airborne within is a delightful pleasure. Shelli's soaring sculpture lift the spirits and please the eye.”
---Amy Cowart

Get your own flock of birds, jewelry, or commission Shelli to make a unique creation just for you by contacting her at:www.shellimarkee.com

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